Photo of Jesse

    I grew up in a small southern town called Ashburn in Georgia. I remember being asked throughout my life what it was I wanted to be when I grew up, and every single time I felt more and more hopeless. I really just didn't know. The only thing I remember wanting was to be able to travel all over the world and visit all of its wonderous beauty. I wanted to explore mother nature's gifts and collect as many experiences as possible. I wanted to expand my understanding of humanity, passion, and love.

    I never found a job with a description to my liking. Every career path I would start on never felt quite right. I would go on to struggle throughout a significant portion of my twenties with opiates. They seemed to silence the yearning I felt needed to be left behind. The drugs attempted to stifle the hungry creative that yearned for so much more. On my 28th birthday I took a trip to Mexico and participated in a spiritual awakening. An awakening that would mark the end of a chapter in darkness and give birth to a new chapter in light. A chapter committed to the search for a career I could be passionate about while also allowing me the freedom to collect all the experience I yearned for. 

    Finding my passion from that point was not immediate, but rather slow and steady. In the years since, I have travelled and collected experiences  I couldn't even dream of. I started to work on self-forgiveness and self love.  I made a lot of new connections and learned how it felt to be loved, unconditionally, by people that aren't bound to that love by blood. I have even lost that  love to a bicycling accident. 

    One day, I decided to I wanted to learn to draw. That turned into me to picking up my first stack of canvases and some painting supplies. Which led me creating beautiful things. Beautiful things that make me feel proud of my collection of experiences so far. Beautiful things that me grateful for where I started and how far I have come. Beautiful things that make me feel hope for others that feel stuck or unable to break free; that they will find the courage and the ability to continue looking for their passion. The courage to make that passion manifest itself in their reality.

   I can say all of my experiences brought me to a place where I found what I am passionate about. Now, I would like to share that passion with you.